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Gif of pRebble watchface basalt version. Gif of pRebble watchface aplite version. Image of pRebble watchface chalk version.

Watchface for Pebble smartwatch created during Rebble Hackathon #001 at November 18 2022. Images shows 3 versions: Basalt with color display, Aplite with one bit black and white display and Chalk the round color display. Main goals of this watchface was to:


The interesting part here is that Pebble as company is dead since December 2016. But there is active community with project called Rebble that keeps the smartwatches alive. An in fact even the oldest of Pebble products still works to this day.

But I would not know about it if not for my friend that told me about upcoming Hackathon. I own 2 Pebble smartwatches. I was using them for about 2 years after company died. After that I switched to basic Casio watches. But before when Pebble was alive I really wanted to created a watchface. I had no idea for a design and no knowledge of C programming at that time. So it newer worked out even tho I tried once. But now I had both the idea and the skill.

I tried to run the watches and they indeed still worked thanks to Rebble project. Now I felt obligated to give back to community. All those years of using someones watchfaces created for free and the Rebble project. I had to contribute somehow and this was my chance. I signed in, prepared development environment and the rest is history.

Video of Pebble smartwatch showing animation. Second video of Pebble smartwatch showing animation.